Demo Of A Bluetooth Enabled Real Estate Sign

Custom Designed Graphics
Each mobile business card comes with custom designed graphics tailored to your brand. No templates or generic looking designs here.

Bluetooth Nearby Notification Key Chain
Each mobile business card comes with a Bluetooth Notification Key Chain that will send your mobile business card to any Android Device within 100 ft  that has its location and bluetooth settings on. 

Text Message Delivery System
Each mobile business card is sent via text message with a link to your mobile business card. At the bottom of the mobile business card is a form with name, email address and cell phone number. Simply enter their information and they will receive your mobile business card in seconds.

Up to 5 Profile Fields
Profile fields allow you to have one touch expandable areas in the mobile business card featuring your services, about us, locations, etc.

Mobile Contact Form
The mobile contact form allows your clients to easily email using a webform from your mobile business card that will be sent to your email address.

One Tap V-Card Import
The feature allows your v-card to have one touch import to your prospect’s phone.  (a v-card is a file that stores your phone, email address, physical address etc that is able to be imported to another persons contacts in their phone)

E-Mail Text Notifications of New Leads
Every Mobile Business Card you add to your list will automatically get emailed and texted to you for future follow up.

Add To Home Screen App Like Functionality
This feature allows your prospects to add your mobile business card to their homescreen. When this is done your mobile business card will save as an app on their phone that is accessed through their web browser.

Facebook Business Timeline Integration (NEW)
One of our most powerful features. With this feature we can stream your Facebook timeline onto your mobile business card. Update your Facebook Business page and automatically update your Mobile Business Card.

Facebook Photo Gallery (NEW)
Does your business rely on showcasing your latest work via photos? Imagine updating your Facebook with your latest photos and having those photos go live on your Mobile Business Card as well. That is exactly what this feature does.

Youtube Video Integration
Showcase as many videos as you want on your mobile business card.

Website Integration
We give you code that will allow your web visitors to receive your mobile business card directly from your website.

  1. How Does Here and Now Smart Mobile Business Cards Work? The Smart Business Cards work through a small device that can fit in the palm of your hand. It works using Google ‘nearby’ technology, continuously broadcasts a user-programmable message to a maximum distance of 100 feet to Android devices with Bluetooth & Location enabled. The message can be up to 40 characters plus a clickable link to your mobile business card. This message shows up as a silent notification on an Android device.
  2. Can The Smart Business Cards broadcast to Apple Devices?  Yes and No - If your user has Google Chrome installed on their iPhone they can receive your SBC via Bluetooth. If they do not, we have the option to send your SBC via text message that will also email you their contact info.
  3. Is this CRTC Compliant With Spam Laws? Yes this has all been verified. It is within CRTC regulations and doesn’t violate anti-spam. There’s no permanent text, email, notification, etc…It’s a temporary notification that they are able to view via your broadcast. If they don’t wish to view they can mute. It’s the same technology used in stores, airports, stadiums etc.
  4. Who Can Use The SBC?  Are you a Real Estate agent wanting more listings? Car sales agent wanting more sales? Restaurant owner wanting more customers? Bar owner wanting more traffic? Retail store with an offer to share? Insurance agent? Hair salon? Nail salon? Spa? Chiropractor? Do you have a lawn care service? House cleaning business? Janitorial service? Delivery service? Do you have a home based business? Are you part of a direct sales company? Are you a coach and want others to know about your services? Web designer? Exhibitor at trade shows? Pretty much anybody that wants to market anything
  5. Can I change the message being broadcasted?  Yes you can change the message. Simple email us at and let us know what message you would like to change it to.